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Another year...another volume of The Fate Codex!

Welcome to our third (and hopefully best!) year of The Fate Codex,

our mostly-monthly Fate ezine dedicated to exploring new and interest- ing ideas in the Fate system. It’s been an incredible honor to see over 500 pages of awesome Fate content pass through our ezine over the past two years, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for our readers.

New years deserve new ideas, so we’ve decided to make a few crucial changes to The Fate Codex to keep things fresh:

  • First, we’re adding some new staff to the project: please welcome Tara Zuber! Tara has written several articles for The Fate Codex, and she’s stepping up to take on Man- aging Editor duties over the next few issues. Each month, she’ll be working to keep all the pieces we’re working on moving, allowing us to deliver The Fate Codex more reg- ularly and with fewer hiccups!
  • We’re also expanding the The Fate Codex beyond the pages of this ezine to the podcast airwaves. In addition to our monthly releases, we’re now doing interviews, question and answer pieces, and more through Codex Machina, our mostly-monthly podcast. We’ll release a free preview to all backers each month, but folks who want to hear the full release should upgrade to a $3+ backer level!
  • Finally, we’re debuting a new piece in this issue: Building Blocks. Thanks to feedback from our backers, we’re focus- ing on more systems and setting pieces, moving away from fiction toward stuff that’s more instantly usable at your game table. In this issue, I’ve written the first of these pieces: La Reina del Sol, a Machiavellian crime boss who can be dropped into your game or used as a seed to start a new campaign in a post-apocalyptic urban setting.

Thanks so much for joining us for this third year. We’re excited about the next half a dozen issues we’re going to publish, and we can’t wait to show you new ideas, new systems, and new settings that you can bring to your table!

Editor in Chief
Mark Diaz Truman