Fate Adversary Toolkit

Building Adversaries

Building adversaries is a lot like building anything else in Fate. All of the adversary types use the same building blocks as characters: aspects, skills, stunts, stress tracks, and consequences. Some adversaries have all of these components, while others just have one or two. Most fall somewhere in between.

When you’re creating adversaries and you’re faced with the choice of using rules in this book or another Fate book, use whichever feels better. Use whichever does the job the way you want it done. There’s no need to stick with a choice, either. You might be playing Shadow of the Century and decide that throwing in some mooks and a lieutenant from that book is appropriate for one fight, while in the next you’ll use some threats, hitters, and a boss from this book. That’s fine. Heck, throw them into the same fight if you want to!

The bottom line is that everything in this book is Fate, and you can use it with—or instead of—other Fate books with little to no tweaking. If you’re playing something like Fate Accelerated or The Dystopian Universe RPG, you might want to swap out skills for approaches or means, but that’s easy enough and everything else should work just fine.

You can also combine the advice in this chapter with the rules in other Fate books. If you want to run a straight-up Atomic Robo RPG or Dresden Files Accelerated Edition game without any of the rules presented here, you can still use the advice in this book to help you use those rules more effectively.

Have fun.