Venture City


You are a genuine spoon-bending, mind-over-matter psychic, able to enforce your will on the world.

Basic Telekinesis: You can move small objects in your own or adjacent zones without physically touching them. By hurling objects around, you can attack with Will against targets in your zone.


Master Telekinesis: You gain +2 to Will when attacking with telekinesis.

Long-Distance Telekinesis: Your mental abilities stretch unusually far. You can move objects and make attacks up to three zones away using telekinesis.

Telekinetic Might: You can use Will to lift large objects. Lifting something human-sized is a Fair (+2) obstacle, while a car is a Great (+4) obstacle.

TK Shield: You can ward off physical attacks with the power of your mind. By erecting a telekinetic shield, you can defend with Will against physical attacks.

Common Power Synergies

Flight: You can hoist your body into the air using your power.

Shielding: You can use your telekinesis to erect shields, either generated from nearby detritus or composed of sheer psychic force.

Super Strength: By working your muscles and mind in tandem, you can deliver more power than either on its own, effectively giving you super strength.


  • A lifetime of pulling things toward you with your mind, rather than your arms, either led to or was a result of your own Weak and Frail Body.
  • There’s no easy way to say this, but your mental prowess is tied to your Huge, Visible, Pulsating Brain.

Collateral Damage Effects

Holding Pattern: By pouring everything you have into your telekinetic power, you can lift everyone and everything in your zone and adjacent zones off the ground. Lifted targets cannot move or take physical actions that require movement, such as using Fight, but they can still use Shoot or mental attacks.

Unstoppable Telekinesis: You can use your mental powers to lift something up to the size of a tank and hurl it, either to destroy a wall or similarly robust obstacle, or to attack every target in your zone or an adjacent zone.