Venture City

Super Speed

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Gotta go fast, gotta go fast!

Basic Super Speed: You gain +2 to Athletics rolls that involve moving quickly. Additionally, you can move quickly enough to run across liquids or up sheer vertical surfaces—although if you slow down or stop, you’ll fall.


Master Super Speed: You are faster than fast! Gain an additional +2 bonus to Athletics when moving quickly.

Improved Reaction Time: You can use Athletics in place of any other skill for the purpose of determining turn order.

Common Power Synergies

Phasing: By concentrating carefully, you can accelerate the molecules in your body to such a point that they no longer interact with common, unaccelerated matter.

Natural Weapon: When you fight, you might not hit harder than anyone else, but you get a whole flurry of hits in at once, which is just as good.

Super Intelligence: It’s not just your body that moves quickly; your mind also operates at light speed.

Improved Special Effects

Lots of Actions: You can split your shifts among up to three different actions, adding +1 to each.


  • Even a super-speedster gets tired, and when your hyperactive metabolism is on the downswing, you can suffer from intense Burnout.
  • In your world, people are moving in slow motion; they take forever to do the simplest tasks. No wonder you are so Easily Distracted.

Collateral Damage Effects

Quantum Tunneling: If pressed, you can run fast enough to break through time itself. You and anyone and anything you are holding onto disappear completely, reappearing in the same position in the future—as little as one exchange later, but up to a week, with no time having passed for you. The spontaneous return to the natural flow of time, however, is sudden and potentially violent.

Speed Demon: If you’re willing to tear up the streets—shattering glass, injuring pedestrians, and such—you can travel pretty much anywhere in the same city in the span of a single exchange.