Venture City


You aren’t made of iron. You can get stabbed just as easily as the next guy. Difference is, once the knife gets pulled out, you’re ready to fight again.

Basic Regeneration: Whenever one of your physical consequences begins to recover, it gets renamed and moved to the next lower consequence slot, if available. This clears away mild consequences immediately. Additionally, at the end of a scene, if you have any mild physical consequences—whether they are recovering or not—they get cleared away automatically.


Master Regeneration: It’s easier for you to start the healing process. Anyone, including yourself, attempting to begin healing one of your physical consequences gets +2 to their roll.

Human Pincushion: Sometimes you got a spear sticking out of your chest, and you just gotta deal with that. Gain a mild consequence slot, which you can use for physical injuries.

Immortal: You can be taken out in combat, but nothing can make you actually die. Ever.

Quick Recovery: By spending a fate point, you can use Will to attempt to begin recovering one of your physical consequences. You can do this at any time, even as an action during combat.

Common Power Synergies

Super Toughness: It’s not that you don’t get hurt, it’s that the things that hurt normal people just don’t matter that much for you.

Harm: Part of your enhanced regenerative ability is an immune system so powerful it actually attacks anyone who gets too close to you.


  • You don’t heal perfectly. Every time you come back from an injury, there’s a scar, even if it’s just a little one, and those things add up. By this point, you are Grotesquely Scarred.
  • You are older than you look—much, much older. You may have lived several lifetimes, or spent a few decades trapped in ice before you were revived. Either way, you are From Another Time.

Collateral Damage Effects

Horror Show: If there is a way of breaking enemy morale that’s more efficient than tearing off your own head and running, screaming, into a crowd, you don’t know what it is. You can perform an act of horrifying self-mutilation in front of everyone in your zone. When you do, nameless NPCs will flee in fear, and named NPCs and PCs must roll Will against Fair (+2) difficulty to avoid taking a moderate mental consequence.

Foreign Objects: Your body is full of bullets, blades, bones, and all kinds of detritus from past battles. If you don’t mind embedding all that stuff in the walls and people around you, you can force your body to eject the foreign material en masse at top speed. By doing so, you attack everyone in your zone and one adjacent zone using Shoot.