Venture City

Plant Control

You have a green thumb and then some: plants respond to you.

Basic Plant Control: You can communicate with plants up to two zones away. You can direct and accelerate their movements, animating them and using them to take physical actions or even make attacks. When an animated plant takes actions, you roll with Empathy to control it. Picking up objects is a Mediocre (+0) challenge, while manipulating them will be Fair (+2) or above, depending on complexity. Having plants uproot themselves and move around is a Fantastic (+6) challenge or greater.


Master Plant Control: You gain +2 to Empathy when animating plants.

Accelerated Growth: You can induce a plant to grow from only a seed to fully grown in just a few seconds.

Dryad Step: Your fine control over plants means that they never obstruct you. You can walk through a tree, phasing through the trunk as if there were nothing there. Furthermore, you can phase through any objects made of plant matter, such as wooden doors.

Common Power Synergies

Slowing: No matter where you go, there’s enough grass or weeds underfoot to let you tangle up an opponent.

Harm: You have a natural expertise with plant-based toxins. You might even secrete them.


  • Occasionally, you curse the fact that you developed your powers in the city, because you are Not Very Useful Indoors.
  • You are part plant yourself, or too much time in their presence has caused chlorophyll to leech into your flesh. Either way, you’re walking around with Bright Green Skin.

Collateral Damage Effects

Rapid Reforestation: You can summon forth an entire grove of trees, filling your zone. It is a Great (+4) obstacle for anyone attempting to enter or leave the zone. Of course, this revenge of nature will tear up anything on the ground.

Deadly Ivy: You can plant a little sprig of ivy at the base of a wall or any solid object. After a few seconds, the ivy covers the obstacle, extends tendrils through it, and then collapses it entirely, allowing you to pass through the barrier.