Venture City


You are, invariably, the most popular person to have on hand during a fight. You make hurt people not hurt so much.

Basic Healing: You can make a Will roll against Fair (+2) opposition to clear another character’s physical stress. A character may only benefit from your ability once per scene. Additionally, you can use Will to start healing any kind of physical consequence on another character.


Master Healing: You gain +2 to Will when you roll to start healing another character’s consequence.

Fast Healing: When you cause another character’s consequence to begin healing, its severity decreases by one step if the lower consequence slot is available. If it’s a mild consequence, it disappears altogether.

Overhealing: When you heal a target’s physical stress, they gain another physical stress box, which lasts until the end of the scene.

Common Power Synergies

Regeneration: Most doctors can’t operate on themselves, but there’s no reason you can’t turn your power inward.

Harm: Medicine and poison are the same thing, really. It’s all about the proportions.

Improved Special Effect

Healing Wave: Everyone in your zone clears their lowest physical stress box.


  • Your healing is tied to your emotional state and your ability to feel compassion for your target. No matter how pressed, you Can’t Heal Someone You Don’t Like.
  • Your healing ability isn’t perfect; like any healer, you’ve lost patients before, and like any healer, you’re Racked with Guilt about it.
  • The human body is incredibly complex, which means you Require Complete Concentration to heal your targets.

Collateral Damage Effects

Invulnerability Charge: If someone in your zone is attacked, you can turn the full extent of your power onto them, causing them to ignore the damage entirely. The damage still has to go somewhere, though: Bullets or energy blasts would pass right through your target, and kinetic energy from powerful punches would pour into the ground.

Pacifist Aura: You can turn up your power to such a point that it’s almost physically impossible for people to get hurt in your presence. Everyone in your zone gains Armor:6 until scene ends or you end the power. However, the vital energy filling the area tends to make inanimate objects leap about in unpredictable ways.