Venture City

Fire Projection

Table of Contents

You like fire. Fire likes you. It doesn’t have to get more complex than that to be fun.

Basic Fire Projection: Your powers are infused with flame, creating fireballs and billowing smoke when you use them.


Friend to Flames: You cannot be harmed by fire of any sort, whether you generated it with your power or not.

Fire Control: In addition to generating fire, you can manipulate it, causing flames to spread where you want them to. Getting flames to spread in a specific direction requires you to overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle with Provoke; more complex fire maneuvers increase that opposition.

Hot Blooded: Whenever someone successfully attacks you using Fight, they take 1 physical stress due to the sheer heat pouring off of you.

Improved Special Effects

Flame On: You light yourself on fire. It’s GREAT. You gain the situation aspect On Fire with one free invoke. If you are already On Fire, gain another free invoke and clear your highest marked physical stress box.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: Fire is good. Fireballs are better.

Flight: Heat rises, right? So if you surround yourself in flames, you can coast on your own thermals.


  • Some personality traits just go well with the ability to summon flames. You are Hot-Tempered.
  • You aren’t wreathed in flames at all times, but you’re never entirely extinguished; even if it’s just a little smoke drifting from your hair, you are Always On Fire.
  • You can induce a small flame to become huge, but you can’t create fire from nothing at all. At a minimum, You Need a Spark.

Collateral Damage Effects

Flaming: You can surround yourself in flames that burn everything and everyone. Fires start near you, and anyone who touches you gets a mild physical consequence, or 1 physical stress if they don’t have the open slot. This effect lasts until the end of the scene, but you can end it at will.