Venture City

Energy Blast

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A classic power with innumerable variations: you can shoot stuff. Lasers from your eyes, fire from your fists, things like that.

Basic Energy Blast: You can fire a projectile of some sort, with a range of three zones, using Shoot.


Master Energy Blast: Your shots are especially accurate. Gain +2 to Shoot when using your power.

Long-Range Blaster: Your projectile is tightly focused; you can fire up to 6 zones away.

Defensive Blasts: You throw out energy blasts quickly and accurately enough to intercept other projectiles. You can defend using Shoot against attacks from another zone that you are aware of.

Kinetic Acceleration: Anything that you can physically lift, from a playing card to a person, you can toss with all the power of an energy blast. This is an attack using Shoot. If your projectile could be harmed, it defends against your attack as well.

Common Power Synergies

Projection: What you fire isn’t just a blast of undifferentiated energy; it’s a specific element. Pick from Fire Projection, Electricity Projection, Frost Projection, or Shadow Projection.

Item Summoning: You aren’t throwing pure energy; you’re just throwing stuff that you pull out of thin air.

Flight: Basic physics. Point your energy blasts down, and you go up!


  • Your energy blast takes the form of lasers shooting from your eyes. This is great for sniping at a distance, but not for tracking nearby targets. You are Inaccurate at Close Range.
  • Your blasts come with huge bursts of concussive force, which generate Lots of Collateral Damage.
  • You don’t have true control over your blasts: energy pours out of you non-stop, but you have safety equipment to hold it in check until you need to fire. You Need a Mask to Protect Those Around You.

Collateral Damage Effects

Rapid Fire: You can shoot every target within your zone at full strength. If you throw out that many shots, though, you can’t help but hit something you don’t mean to.

Charged Shot: If you take a few seconds to concentrate, you can generate a blast with enough force to blow open the door to a bank vault, destroy a reinforced wall, or otherwise eradicate an obstacle. Of course, a blast this big is slow and imprecise. It’ll tear up the entire room.